Teosyal®Pen now officially available for the fine art of precision

Teoxane Laboratories are proud to announce the official launch of the Teosyal® Pen, the 1st motorised, cordless hyaluronic acid injection system!


10 years Teoxane

TEOXANE Laboratories are celebrating 10 Years of innovation, independence and search of excellence.



TEOSYAL® PureSense Redensity [I]: award winner of the 1st Anti-Aging & Beauty Trophy

Redensity [I]

Launched in 2012, TEOSYAL® PureSense Redensity [I] is a unique and highly innovative hyaluronic acid-based skin enhancer that keeps exceeding patients and practitioners’ expectations.




TEOSYAL® PureSense Redensity [II]: award winner of the Best Dermal Filler – 2nd Anti-Aging & Beauty Trophy

Teosyal® PureSense Redensity [II]

TEOSYAL® PureSense Redensity [II] is a major TEOXANE innovation in eye circle treatment. This unique hyaluronic acid-based gel was created to answer the most significant aesthetic concern for patients: eye circles.



Teoxane Laboratories are filling the void in launching TEOSYAL® Ultimate in a new 1ml format

TEOSYAL® Ultimate is a volumizing hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler already existing in a 3ml version and is from now available in a new 1ml format offering a more versatile use for practitioners.



Teoxane Laboratories are launching an exclusive new formulation of TEOSYAL® Kiss

Teosyal® Kiss New Formulation

TEOSYAL® Kiss New Formulation is a hyaluronic acid-based filler specifically adapted to the mobility of the lips. It offers a long-lasting efficacy thanks to its high cohesivity.